The net that works…

Yes, it is a play on words…”network” is what keeps our lives and ministry going. Hear from some of our leading Foursquare leaders, Bill Keiselhorst, Steve Schell, Jeff Roper, Dan Johnson, “Joe,” “Sam,” Frank Greer, talking about the benefits, and necessity of connecting to our missionaries long term.

Adaptation…not survival of the fittest

Last time we looked at discipleship, with 10 words, with a less formal perspective.  You can take a look at it here. As “missionaries” meaning those who are sent out we have, and many of you have, done workshops, building projects, seminars, prayed, fasted, brought encouragement, and released bucket-fulls of blessing in a short condensed time. … Continue reading Adaptation…not survival of the fittest

Discipleship is serious business

The theme of discipleship has been thoroughly discussed by just about every pastor and spiritual leader, (the majority of them much more experienced than I) because it is the heart of what we do, reproducing the life and work that Jesus has done in us.  We began our launch of OVS, a discipleship program here … Continue reading Discipleship is serious business