The Best Church in the World…

If this caption made you look to find out…it was for one of two reasons:

1. You wanted to find out where it was and what they were doing, so you could check it out.

2. You quickly thought, “Hey, who thinks they have the best church…when mine really has got it going on!”

In reality, it is probably some combo of the two.  In the past several months, we have shared our vision with 8 churches (two more to come in May) of what the Lord is calling us to, to serve the “Church” of El Salvador, by working with the 14 existing Foursquare “churches.”  And yes, I am overusing the word church here…intentionally.  What we have seen as we have itinerated is that even in a close knit family like Foursquare (our “church” family), each group of believers is unique…very unique and crafted by the Lord Jesus, who is the “Head of the Church” (Colossians 1:18) to express the Kingdom of God here on the earth.

So then, which church is the best?  With the unique role that we are presently beginning as connecters between the U.S. church and the Salvadoran church, we have a special perspective and can honestly say that the best church is the one where you are.  And to become more specific, that church becomes even better when you press in to find your role, not just as observer or recipient of the grace of God, but an active participant, a contributor.  At that moment, the “Best church” becomes really great.

I am convinced that if we sought the Lord more intently about our role in the “Body” our sense of ownership, belonging, camaraderie and passion for the local group that we call our home church would grow and the role of the Church will grow in significance.

So here we are, leaving the best church, Hope Chapel in Huntington Beach, part of the greatest church of all time, the U.S. church (yes I am biased), to serve the Salvadoran people (the next greatest church of all time).  I can already feel that tug strengthening every day, as my heart begins to shift towards the best group of believers in Latin America…our new family in the South.

There really is nothing like being part of the beautiful organism crafted by God in all of her imperfections, but growing and becoming that Bride that will welcome His 2nd coming from every Tribe, tongue and nation on the face of the earth.

So I encourage you, dig in where you are planted, no matter what the context, believe that your “church,” no matter what it looks like, is the best “church” and in doing that, maybe we can turn this world upside down for Jesus!!


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