His Blessed Word


Last week in His blessed promise I shared from Isaiah 54 some promises that we together declared with one of our churches this past week.  Following this topic of delving into the promises and richness of the word of God, this week I want to pass on a podcast from Foursquare area missionary Jeff Roper and his blog “All In”

He interviews Steve Schell, one of our great Foursquare Pastors about preaching through the Bible, not from the Bible, not themes supported by the Bible, but the concept of going through the Bible.  They take a look at a historic movement that was founded on this simple concept and the great benefit that we are offered by doing this.  The beloved J. Vernon McGee, decades after his death is still on prime time as he teaches through the word, one chapter at a time.  Chuck Smith (also trained as a Foursquare minister), who pastored in our home church of Hope Chapel, founded the Calvary Chapel movement with this principle as well…preach the word…the entirety of the Bible.


If you haven’t been exposed to this, or possibly never gone through the Bible in a year, 2017 would be a great time to start.

Here are a couple of options:

The Solid Life Reading Plan pdf (utilized for our discipleship classes) reads through the Bible in a year.

The Solid Life Reading Plan through the Bible App

Download the Bible App here


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