How deep do the roots go?

Many TV personalities can be accused of speaking before they think, apparently I am guilty of the opposite, thinking before I speak…and thinking, and continuing to think…and not speaking/writing…it has been a couple of weeks since the last post, as I shared about the sowing of values and a joint effort to “Start with the Roots” as the last post was titled.

As an update on the government program, sowing values in our public schools, progress is being made, and two of our Foursquare pastors as well as several of our leaders are either involved in the preparation/teaching, or have been certified to work directly with the schools.  Though, not enacted fully, to my knowledge, from these two pastors, it is moving slowly-but-steadily in that direction.

Since that last post, a couple of really key events have taken place and begun, in my estimation, to turn in a positive and proactive direction.  The first event, is a family affair of the Foursquare church, and I will mention in this post, the second is a family affair across a much larger Christian movement, and I will write about next time.  UNITY is what we are seeing develop, and this, again starts at the roots.

“See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God; that no ‘root of bitterness’ springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled;”  Hebrews 12:15

Often in starting with the roots, we find other, unexpected things below the surface…and these “roots of bitterness” go deep and can be painful to take out.  However, until we find these, the growth we would naturally expect doesn’t happen…because the life is being choked out at the source.  Brining leaders together has often brought up old wounds, disappointments, frustration and lack of trust…but in pressing through we return to the realization that we are family and that our true roots of connectedness run even deeper.IMG_0249Our 12 churches from both ends of the country had representatives and there was a palpable sense of unity.  One of my favorite things about Convention is seeing some of our older saints, who have a hard time walking one block to the church, make the long 2 hour bus ride and spend the day worshiping the Lord with us…as well as the youngest Foursquare kids having their own adventures, including a nap on the floor if necessary.


Friday night we had our business meeting and ratified the current board to continue another year, with one replacement, as we look forward to new bylaws and an election for 3 years at next Convention in 2016.  Below you can see the board being prayed for.


Presidenta Anamim de Garcia, joins us in worship as she prepares to lead our 2015 Convention.

Jared has been working with the worship team from Nuevo Amanecer, Santa Ana, who has less than a year as a worship team, led by Oscar Argeta have been putting in 2-6 hours per week of practice…and they did an incredible job of leading our times of worship and ministry!!  God is empowering our young people to new levels of ministry and fruitfulness!

“Day Spring” worship team from Santa Ana, Nuevo Amanecer

The more time we spend with the Foursquare family in El Salvador, we are finding that the roots of this movement here go very deep, and they are tapped into a history of miracles, revival, faith and the word of God.  As these roots are cleaned and prepared, we are confident of a great harvest to come in El Salvador.

This time of year in El Salvador is very spiritually charged, and the Satanic element is much more active surrounding October – November.  However, several years ago, the Evangelical church has been given its own holiday, the “Día Nacional de la iglesia evangelica” (more about this next post).  The response of the unified Christian church this past week has been incredible!!

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