An Investment from Panamá

We all talk about investing: investing in the market, investing in a new home, investing in the next generation, investing in marketing research.  On our level working with both the local churches and the National Church in El Salvador, with limited resources of time, money and personnel, we need to invest well. This past week, our board made a significant and very wise investment in the future…they chose to invite a seasoned leader and consultant to impart into the future of El Salvador.  When at the crossroads of deciding where you will focus (invest), for many years to come, it is always wise to get an outside source to jump start the process.

Our leaders open the session with Raúl Irigoyen in a time of worship at El Faro church

This past three days we were privileged to have Raúl Irigoyen from Panamá (former Natl. Leader of 4sq Panamá, FMI International Representative, consultant, US Army civil Engineer and one of the funniest preachers I have met) with us.  He spent significant time with our Board of Directors, several Foursquare leaders and in the Mueller home.  We all received much!! We spent time reviewing our bylaws, working in groups, envisioning for the future and listening to our President’s Vision and Mission for the coming year.  (You can see them HERE on the Vision/Mission page of our new Foursquare El Salvador website) Some significant things that were learned this week: 1. Administration and planning are where you set the ground work for the future.  What you value, what you plan in meetings and on paper, is what you will see in the years to come. 2. What you value is what you will see grow.  If you place importance and empower church planters, creativity, passionate commitment, you will see new church plants, in creative places with teams fully committed to the cause.  The opposite is also true, if you value other things… 3. The world has not only “changed” it is currently changing.  It is not enough to discern the times, you must discern the future changes, because today’s plans must also be adaptable for tomorrow. 4. Unity, teamwork and forgiveness are irreplaceable commodities in preparing for the future. 5. We have an incredible group of leaders that God has blessed us with here in Foursquare El Salvador! – Jared

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