A stirring video about families in missions…

Family…it is such an action packed word, that can stir up so many different meanings, emotions, and even be defined radically differently depending on the context.  The video below is an FMI video that shows what “family” means when used for the Kingdom of God.

Kelly and I were able to attend LIFE Bible College through 2002 when Frank & Kathleen Greer were professors and Frank worked very closely to get me into a 6 month stay in South Africa before graduation.  Frank and Kathleen now run the training for FMI missionaries.  I also worked and had traveled with Paul Greer before he left to serve again in Papua New Guinea with Carina and their boys.

L-R: Ezra & Ben Mueller, Mason & Ezra Greer

This movie is stirring, emotional, inspiring and a great historical testimony, giving a great picture of a long-term, successful relationship with the mission field through the Hughes and Greer families.

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