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Below are some general ways to be praying for our family and the work in El Salvador.

1. Hope Chapel San Salvador church plant. Pray for favor and for a move of the Holy Spirit
2. Language Learning / Education: Pray that we adapt continually to the language and culture.
3. Financial Growth for the Ministry: As the church plant grows we will need increasing funds.  Pray for ideas and connections to help make the church self-sustainable.

El Salvador:

1. National Church Board:
President: Anamim Garcia
Vice President:
Secretary: Wilfred Garcia
Treasurer: William Polanco
Vocal 1: Milton Garcia
Vocal 2: Janeth Sosa

2. Unity: Pray for unity among the national churches as many new ministries are developed and changes are occurring with new ministers and the addition of our family to the mix.

3. OSL (OVS): Operation Solid Lives (Operacion Vidas Solidas) is the discipleship program developed at “the Rock Church” in Anaheim that we will be utilizing in El Salvador.  Please cover this implementation as it is very involved, but also hugely important and transformational.

Foursquare Missions: